Meadow Farm Boarding Cattery, Massey, Auckland

FEES FROM 1 March 2024

All fees are GST inclusive and are payable in full by cash or internet banking on the day of arrival. (Refer terms item 6). A non refundable deposit is required for the Christmas/New Year period.

Progress payments can be arranged for long term stays.

All rates apply to the day of arrival and day of departure. We reserve the right to charge for the period booked but not taken.

Please note that all our cats receive VIP treatment, there is no extra charge for cuddles, grooming, eye wiping, medicating and all cats are fed in their own rooms

I would also like to point out that our rooms are not cages, they are all individual rooms as per our photos

Semi Communal
$24 per cat per day


1 cat $28 per day 

2 or more cats $26 each per day 

Suites (access to own deck)

1 cat $34.00 per day 
2 or more cats $32.00 each per day 


Bed Sits

1 cat $40 per day 

2 cats $34 each per day

3 or 4 cats $31 each per day

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